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Discover the Beauty of Stone Flooring in Oklahoma City

OKC Stone Flooring Install

Stone flooring is like a timeless piece of art that not only adds elegance but also durability to any space it graces. As a flooring business based in Oklahoma City, we understand the value of quality flooring, and stone options like travertine, granite, marble, and slate truly exemplify the fusion of beauty and strength.

Travertine, with its earthy tones and unique patterns, offers a rustic charm that can transform any room into a warm, inviting haven. Its porous nature might sound like a drawback, but it can actually be sealed to resist stains and moisture, making it a suitable choice for both indoor and outdoor areas. Plus, the subtle variations in each tile create a mesmerizing mosaic that’s impossible to replicate.

Granite, often associated with strength and opulence, takes the game up a notch. Its natural hardness and resistance to scratching make it a favorite for high-traffic areas like kitchens. Just imagine the grandeur of a granite-floored foyer welcoming guests with its luxurious shine. While it might require a bit more maintenance than other stones, the mesmerizing swirls and specks within each slab are a testament to the Earth’s artistic prowess.

Marble, the epitome of sophistication, lends an air of timeless beauty to any space it adorns. Its veining patterns are like strokes of nature’s paintbrush, turning floors into canvases. From classic whites to deeper hues, marble comes in a variety of shades to suit different interior styles. It’s not the most stain-resistant choice, but its unparalleled elegance makes it a favorite for bathrooms and living spaces where the occasional maintenance is well worth the visual feast it offers.

And then we have slate, a metamorphic rock that’s as sturdy as it is charming. With its natural cleft texture, slate flooring exudes a rugged elegance that’s perfect for both modern and rustic designs. Its slip-resistant surface is particularly appealing for bathrooms and outdoor areas, where safety is paramount. While its darker shades can make spaces feel cozy, its cooler tones can open up rooms, adding a touch of versatility to your design palette.

Of course, like any choice, each of these stones comes with its own set of pros and cons. While stone flooring can be stunning and long-lasting, it can be a bit more costly than other options. Additionally, the hardness of stone can make it less forgiving on dropped items compared to softer flooring materials. But the durability, the natural beauty, and the unique character that stone brings to your space is incomparable.

In the world of flooring, where trends come and go, stone remains a steadfast symbol of elegance and resilience. It’s more than just a surface to walk on; it’s a testament to the craftsmanship of nature and the craftsmanship we bring to each OKC flooring installation. So whether you’re envisioning the rustic allure of travertine or the regal splendor of marble, remember that with stone flooring, you’re not just creating a floor – you’re crafting an experience that will stand the test of time.

Travertine Floor Installation in OKC

Travertine is a sedimentary stone formed by calcite accumulation from mineral-rich, hot springs. Travertine contains irregular pits and holes formed by boiling water and sulfur bubbles rising up through the limestone slurry. The holes can be filled with a synthetic resin or cement. Once the travertine is filled, the stone is referred to as a filled travertine. The stone itself will take a polish — the fill will not. A more rustic appearance can be achieved by leaving these imperfections and holes unfilled.

  • Travertine presents a delightful variation in color and texture.
  • All travertines should be sealed after their installations in order to be resistant to stains.
  • Travertine has a wide variety of uses including floors, walls, fireplaces, countertops and furniture.
  • The material should be mixed well from box to box, or pallets during the install so the final application has a balanced combination of colors.
travertine floor install
travertine installation

Granite Floor Installation in OKC

Granite is an igneous rock (formed by the cooling down and solidification of the molten magmas and lava). As they cool, crystals form and grow upon one another until the entire molten body has turned to stone. This group of rock is said to be the earliest to form on the planet and today comprises up 95% of the earths crust. Granite is the parent rock of all other rocks and primarily composed of quartz and feldspar. Granite provides a heavy granular, crystalline appearance with variations in shading and colors of its mineral grains.

  • Granite is the hardest natural stone for floor covering.
  • Granite is well suited for many high performance applications in food service areas such as cooking tops, islands, butler’s pantry, bar tops and kitchen countertops.
  • Granite is an excellent material for floors as well as bath area applications, including high performance elements such as steam showers.
  • Granite should be sealed.
  • Granite is resistant to most acids.
  • Granite pieces need to be blended together as they’re installed so the final application will coalesce into a balanced mixture of shades and colors.

Marble Floor Installation in OKC

Marble is a metamorphic stone (metamorphic means physical change in form). Essentially, marble is the recrystallization of limestone that formed when a limestone strata was softened due to tremendous sub-surface heat and pressure.

  • Marble comes in many colors and can be heavily veined. One of the greatest assets of marbles is the large number of available colors.
  • Marble can be used on floors, walls, vanity tops, fireplaces, backsplash and furniture.
  • Variations in color and texture are inherit in all natural stone materials. Marble should be blended from box to box, or pallet to pallet as it is being installed to provide a balanced blend of color.
  • Marble must be sealed to resist staining.

*Note: Not all marbles are appropriate for floor applications.

marble floor installation
Slate Floor Installation

Slate Floor Installation in OKC

Slate is also a metamorphic stone. It’s composed of sediment from decomposed organic matter and stone that was hardened by the earth’s heat and pressure.

  • Slate can be used for residential floors and commercial applications.
  • Slate is used in both interior and exterior applications. In exterior applications, you’ll want to make sure the environment won’t be too harsh, that is, freeze & thaw, or constantly wet conditions.
  • All slate should be sealed to aid in cleaning and to resist staining.
  • Variations in color and texture are inherent in all natural stones. Slate should be blended from box to box, or from the pallets during installation to give a uniform distribution of color and texture.
  • Slate can be used for flooring, backsplash, fireplace and furniture.

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